Travel Nursing

Imagine having the power to choose to work in your favorite city, at a facility that matches your values, while earning competitive pay and enhancing your skills.

Or, work close to home and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with a travel assignment while still going home to your bed every night.

Travel nursing gives unique and exciting opportunities only afforded by people in this industry! Combine exploration nationwide with earning benefits that rival any permanent position available to see your wanderlust career become a reality.

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Advantages of Travel Nursing!

Adventure. Freedom. Growth. Flexibility. Perks. 

Access To Tech

Being a traveler helps you stay current on the latest medical technology. You'll also have a better chance of getting the hands-on training you need to stay ahead in your specialty area!

Personal Growth

Changing your working environment every 13 or 26 weeks will make adapting to new environments second nature to you. You'll be able to learn and accept new ways of doing routine procedures.

Career Growth

The luxury of choice! Work in some of the most prestigious healthcare facilities across the U.S. You can be working alongside top healthcare professionals, learning new skills and gaining confidence in your own abilities.


With great benefits, per diem allowances, licensure reimbursement, competitive pay, and housing stipends, travel nursing can help you find freedom and flexibility! Typical travel RN jobs can be between 8-26 weeks long and pay is 10-15% more than permanent nursing positions!

Local Travel Assignments

For those of you who like the idea of travel nursing but are still not sure you can or want to leave home, then we still have options for you; Unpack those bags and look into our local travel program to give balance and flexibility to your family, home, and work-life!


Local travel nursing gives you all the benefits of travel nursing while maintaining the comforts of home. You can determine when and where you want to work, just communicate with your Travel Partner and they will set to work locating the right position for you! No matter what your goal is for entering the travel nursing field, Lead Healthstaff is your smoothest road to success.