Step Down Unit (SDU) – Critical Need

We need a Step-Down Travel RN to make a positive impact on patient care!

$3088.80 Estimated Gross Weekly!

There are Travel Nurses and then there are Travel Lead-ers! Lead Healthstaff is here to help you lead the charge forward in your healthcare career. Your needs, your preferences, and your desires matter above all else as we curate the perfect assignment options for you. Escape hospital politics for a high-paying and flexible lifestyle with low stress and full benefits.

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Travel Nurse, Super Hero, Traveler, Contract Nurse – whatever you like to be called, Lead has the perfect position for you! We are looking for a Step-Down Registered Nurse (RN) for our client in Los Angeles, California. They need a Travel RN to work 12hr Nights, 36hrs per week. You`ll earn an estimated $3088.80 gross weekly. The position starts on 12/15/2021 and lasts for 13 weeks.

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