REVIEW | Keener App: Self-care for Nurses by Amber Kendra ICU RN

Hey Friends!

Have you heard of the Keener App? (for the record, no one involved in this review are sponsored or prompted by Keener)

If not, that’s okay. I hadn鈥檛 either, to be honest, until recently and I am so glad that someone mentioned it to me. It鈥檚 all things self-care rolled into an app just. for. nurses!聽

Over the last year, I鈥檝e had periods of feeling depressed, isolated, lonely, unmotivated, and all the feelings in between. I tried numerous resources to get back to my normal self but nothing seemed to help. Radiating positive energy is my vibe and these feelings were a real downer. The pandemic wasn鈥檛 easy for anyone and working through the pandemic had its own additional challenges.聽聽

So, I downloaded Keener and it was a breath of fresh air. An easy signup process, it’s fully free and only requires an email sign in but you can opt-out immediately from receiving excess emails which I appreciated. Home to various sections for personal use such as self-reflection, daily focus, and inspiration which are all easily accessible. I was able to hear tips and stories from other nurses going through the same thing and best of all real advice on how to get out of my funk!聽

I remember watching one video from a nurse practitioner that explained the steps necessary to achieve motivation. She spoke of visualizing what it takes to achieve the end result versus just visualizing the end result itself. I thought about this for a while and applied it to my goals. Enjoying the journey as much as the destination, I began to get excited about yoga, hiking, and eating healthy again! A particular goal of mine is to achieve a standing split for yoga (I am nowhere near this goal at the moment), however, thanks to her advice I now practice steps to achieving this goal every day and I have seen progress. A simple mental shift that’s helping me see physical change and feel the physiological change.聽

Good patient care begins with self-care, mental health and physical health work best together.

Your mind is a support system for your body, if you take care of your mind then your body will give you the power and vitality needed to accomplish your goals. Keener offers the tools required to build and maintain a self-care regimen amid a career that puts the focus of care on others, it reminds us that our care must be inwards as well as outwards!

The Keener App was created by nurses, for nurses, which we LOVE. I feel so seen and understood. The features the app offers are as follows:

  • Real Stories from real nurses in #NurseStories
    • “You’re not alone in this field — Keener helps you find regular mentorship. Watch real stories from your peers about the ups and downs and learnings in their career, so you can take those stories into your own work.”
  • Self-Care Inspiration
    • “Give yourself a few minutes each day for your wellbeing. Find original content daily — by nurses, for nurses — that helps you build self-care strategies, get a fresh perspective, and beat burnout.”
    • Such as guided meditation, meditative walks, book recommendations, snack hacks for energy, specialty tips!
  • Shift Reflection
    • “Take a moment after each shift for a guided self-reflection, made just for nurses. Journal how it went for healthy perspective, improved resilience, and increased confidence.”
    • Journey entry, feelings log, rate the shift, name biggest challenges, and wins.
  • Personalized Insights (coming soon)
    • “Reflect regularly for a retrospective history of your nursing journey. Keener shows you trends in your wellbeing, recommends content to address your challenges, and helps you look back at your own growth.”

Remember, it’s free!

So, check it out,聽 see what it can do for you, and hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me. We’re in this together and Keener brings us all into your pocket to reminds you that you’re never alone.



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