FitScrubs Review by Amber Kendra

I’ve been in the nursing game for a while now and finding the perfect pair of scrubs is still a challenge! So many of the scrub companies cater to Doctors instead of nurses (how rude). So as we’ve seen a boom in new scrub companies, I’m documenting my search for the best pair. When starting my research I knew I wanted to support a smaller company with a story behind its mission.

FitScubs was founded by an ED Trauma Tech/Paramedic working the night shift. His idea was to create high-performance scrubs that can reduce nosocomial infections. My first impression was “this is perfect, he’s been in my shoes, he gets it”. It felt like he was one of us, not just people targeting doctors, I felt seen!

As a Veteran-owned small business, they use fabric that is locally and ethically made throughout the USA (we love this). Each purchase helps support jobs and other small businesses in the community, making you feel twice as good about your purchase. FitScrubs states that their scrubs decrease bacterial cross-contamination and have PurThread Antimicrobial Technology embedded into the fabrics for lifetime protection. On top of that, the bacteria-fighting silver thread is woven into the fabric for extra protection that can never wash out! To top it off the scrubs are moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and breathable material that’s all-around better for the environment.

Putting these scrubs to the test meant wearing them 3 days a week during night shifts (7p – 7a) in a busy COVID ICU. I wore these scrubs for two weeks with multiple washes and dryer use. They have held up well and the material appears to be unaffected, honey I DID NOT shrink the scrubs.

My order:

Evrpur Women’s “Pocket Plus” Scrub Top Navy/Small

Evrpur Women’s Scrubs Joggers Navy/Regular-Medium

Material Blend:

78%Polyester/ 13%PurThread/ 9% Spandex blend


  1. Form-fitting four-way stretch material– It genuinely feels good to move in these scrubs. These are the ultimate performance scrubs for the active nurse; it feels like you’re wearing sportswear. The pants also have a flexible elastic waistband for size variation and comfort. (Nurseleisure?)
  2. True to size– I ordered the regular medium bottoms for fear that the regular smalls would be too short for my long legs. I did not find this to be the problem. Although the mediums fit well, I believe that the smalls would have been perfect. The option to order different size tops and bottoms for a more customizable fit is much appreciated.
  3. Keep cool and fresh– The scrubs’ anti-odor protection has proven effective after long shifts wearing PPE, performing heavy lifting, and running to meet the demands of the unit. During emergencies, the breathable moisture-wicking material of the scrubs is key to staying cool.
  4. Fast shipping: I received the scrubs 2 days after the order was placed!


  1. Price– In comparison to other scrub brands I feel that these scrubs are priced on the high end of the industry.
  2. The basic design and limited styles– These scrubs are not for the fashionista of the unit. They are an upgrade to the basic scrub design and could be considered comparable to activewear. There are two choices for women’s tops and bottoms limiting the style options.

A lot of good will result from this purchase, helping a small veteran-owned business, eco-friendly, and ethically made! Material blend and comfort will mean they’ll be a durable pair of scrubs that get you your money’s worth and won’t impede your daily function at work. Depending on your needs and personal style, these will tick most if not all your boxes. However, while these are very good and I am a fan, I give them an 8/10 and my search for the perfect pair continues…


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