Facility Review – St. Charles Medical Center

The Facility:

St. Charles Medical Center is a cutting-edge level II trauma center located in Bend Oregon’s “Hospital Hill”. This Facility is home to 350 dedicated staff members and over 200 visiting staff members, making it one of the most traveler-friendly facilities in the PNW. St. Charles is a nonprofit organization and Central Oregon’s largest healthcare provider. Despite its size, St. Charles has a community hospital feel with a wide range of services including cancer, stroke, in-patient/out-patient, rehabilitation, and pulmonary centers. 

The Location:

Bend is a rapidly growing, outdoorsy, craft beer-loving, Central Oregon hub city. The mountain town has had a recent surge in growth and is giving Portland a run for its money. At just over 90,000 people, the population growth has not affected Bends laid-back vibes yet, and residents still enjoy a traffic-free small-town pace of living. Bend has the highest number of small businesses per capita in the state, making it an entrepreneur and side hustler’s dream. Bend’s weather also stands out from the rest of Oregon, with the highest average number of sunny days a year, citizens can enjoy a warmer and brighter climate. This weather allows for maximum enjoyment of the seemingly endless summer and winter recreation activities like skiing, hiking, fishing, tubing, hunting, and snowshoeing. If the thought of all that recreating has left you parched, fear not! Bend has been dubbed, Beer-Town USA. Home to the most breweries per capita in the nation, Bend hosts several beer-centric events throughout the year, including Bend Oktoberfest, The Little Woody Barrel-Aged Beer, Cider, and Whiskey Festival, Bend Brewfest, and Central Oregon Beer Week. To combat the hangover you will no doubt have after three days of Beerfest debauchery, put the pep back in your step with one of many craft coffee shops sprinkled across Bend. Follow up your coffee with a visit to the bustling art community that is flourishing as artists after flocking to this city for its bohemian lifestyle; This means live music, art exhibits, and events almost every night of the week. It is safe to say there is no shortage of activities in this peaceful mountain town, making it one of the most underrated travel destinations for any RN. 


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